Brushing and Flossing Braces

Tips and Tricks to Make Caring For Your Teeth and Braces Easy.

Caring for our braces is all very simple. However, there are a few details and techniques that are important to know and use… during orthodontic treatment.
How about we look at some pictures to see how easy it is? Let’s start with a video about brushing your teeth with braces. Click The Play Button on The Video Below.

 A Threader Can Help When Flossing With Braces. There is also a ready made pick style floss holder, that is designed especially to fit behind what is called the “Arch Wire”. You will find it is easy to get used to and it works great. Braces are a bit of work, but really not that much after you get used to it. Plus EVERYBODY… seriously… everybody ends up happy with results that last a lifetime. It is something that pays off rewards everyday for all of our lives. A beautiful confident smile with a healthy mouth.
Watch this short video about flossing with braces. Click The Play Button On The Video Below.