If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!


“The office is nice and friendly, they will tell you what they are going to do. The front desk is nice to me and always knows my name and tries really hard to make your day the best. The back, the ones who work on you are gentle and friendly also they will answer any questions you have and more they don’t just say nothing to you or just talk to your parents but they will talk to you and ask you like what’s you’re favorite color and they interact with you. DR.GASS’ OFFICE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  – P.R.

“I am really enjoying my experience with Dr. Gass Orthodontics. All of the staff is really nice, and they always make sure that my braces are very comfortable. They are all very friendly, and I am pleased with how my teeth are turning out.”  – S.P.

“Thank you for the spectacular advice and letting us know what would be best for a treatment. I also am very THRILLED to have met the amazing Dr. Gass everyone has been talking about at school. I would proudly like to say I am one of Dr. Gasses patients. 🙂 ”  – G.S.

“I had braces twice (and they weren’t the best experiences), so I was a little worried and planned to interview 4-5 offices prior to committing to an ortho office for my daughter. I talked to everyone I knew and decided my first appt would be with Dr. Gass’s office. Needless to say it was the ONLY office I interviewed! I felt completely at home in their office, felt like they were interested in my daughter’s care and knew it was the right fit for us. I loved that they didn’t push us into a decision, no high pressure! Simply reviewed her plan of attack and what we needed to do. I was ready to get started, but they recommended waiting 6 months, I appreciate their candor and care they gave my daughter.”  – C.H.

“Thanks to Dr. Gass I can now smile without feeling self-conscious. The staff and Dr. Gass are Awesome always kind, warm, and caring 🙂 ”  – A.S.

“Everyone at the office is very nice, and I always look forward to changing my band colors!”  – A.W.

“I enjoy going to the orthodontist. Everyone is really nice, and I look forward to picking colors for my bands.”  – K.W.

“Everyone that works in the office is very friendly and truly cares about me and my teeth! I always get a very detailed explanation of what is going on with my braces and the progress my teeth are making. I am loving my smile and can’t wait to see the finished product!”  – M.S.

Thank You For Your Testimonials